Monday, February 9, 2009

CVS, you don't love me anymore

Well, I have been REALLY bad at posting, but know why? I have not been able to get my CVS deals! The store near me is stocking less and less of the deals and apparently a lot more people are getting into the game. How rude!

So, here is this week's deal. No ECB back, but cheaper than any other places.

2 packages Pampers Easy-Ups @ 9.99/package
-$1.50/1 package
-$2.00/1 package
1 Dawn Ultra @ .99
1 Madagascar 2 DVD @ $19.99
-$15 instant savings when you buy $20 worth of products listed

-$6.00 ECB

$17.96 OOP

Not great, but a cheap movie for BabyK and some fun diapers. Wheee!

So, BabyK started a new school today. He was very excited to carry his new big boy lunch box. I like that I have more control over what he eats, plus I get to try out my bento skills! What do you think?

PB&J sandwich in the shape of a truck (used a pancake mold)
Chocolate chip muffin (used mini loaf pan)
Clementine oranges
Orange juice (not shown)

Veggie dog octupus
banana half
Apple juice (not shown)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm sitting up here in the cold COLD north typing away. I love it here. I have been to Gabrielle Brothers a few times now. They had a huge Ann Taylor shipment. Blazers for $10, shirts for $6, pants for $7. I stocked up! Also good bargains at Banana Republic. I'm not planning on any CVS trips, so you'll have to wait for ECB fun.

Until then, happy new year!