Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's a warm 70 degrees here in Florida right now and I am loving it! I remember why I moved down here in the first place.

Because I have nothing better to do right now, I've been surfing the net and saw that tomorrow JC Penny is giving shoppers a wake up call! How cool is that? It's not my favorite store, but a good idea from the marketing team.

Who's going shopping tomorrow? I hope everyone saved their coupons to use on the candy and gifts that are typically 50-75% off regular price after Christmas. I'll hopefully have some great deals and photos to post tomorrow.

Well, back to enjoy more of the sunshine! Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No CVS today

I was so sad when my Sunday paper didn't come today. I had to not do my weekly coffee & clipping this week. I guess I could have gone online, but I was feeling very lazy, and it was nice and warm under the blanket on the couch. The doggie makes quite a lovely foot warmer! I hope CVS still has the shelves stocked for my trip tomorrow!

Does everyone have their shopping done? I've been avoiding the stores this month since my shopping is done and I get grumpy when shopping quarters are too close. I'll suck it up for great deals on black friday, but the rest of the year I need my 3 feet of personal space. I did venture out for a pair of isotoners for the sis (don't worry! It was from Marshalls and only cost about 1/5 of what it would have cost at the mall!), and also a quick stop to my favorite Goodwill where I picked up a rockin' pair of vintage boots, cute dress and a Janie & Jack sweater vest for BabyK.

That's about it. Back to vegging out on the couch watching the million Christmas movies on television.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's been a while

Oh, how the holiday season zips by! I have been busy wrapping presents, putting up decorations, baking, spreading holiday cheer...

Seriously, I got the baking bug the other day. I made a gazillion things and when I was done I looked around and every single thing was chocolate! I guess I make what I like. Whoops! Brownies, brownie cookies, fudge, another kind of fudge, muffins, toffee, etc...

As for deals, they are everywhere you go these days. Seriously, I have never had so many emails from retailers. Take a look around and you can very easily find a great deal.

BabyK is loving Christmas too. He is obsessed with the tree. Not the presents under it, but the pretty, fragile, heirloom ornaments. It's been a battle. Oh, and he sings Jingle Bells in the cutest out-of-tune and not a real melody way. Sooooo cute!

Well, off to bake more stuff. Not sure what I am going to do with it all!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

So, it was just me and BabyK this year so we opted to skip making a big dinner (we all know I'll be the only one eating all of it) and attended a community dinner. It was lovely and everyone was so very nice. Of course being veggies we had the usual conversation at holiday dinners.

"You gotta get you some turkey!" (imagine a big southern accent)

"Thank you, but we're vegetarians."

"Well heck, there ain't no meat in here! It's just turkey!"

I smiled and said no thank you. We skipped to the mac & cheese and green beans. I enjoy being a vegetarian though - I get an excuse to eat TWO pieces of pie.

I hope everyone had a wonderful break!