Monday, June 30, 2008

Goodbye Bento! Goodbye Baby!

So I totally forgot my beautiful Bento No. 17 at home today. All that yummy goodness left sitting at home. I'm going to risk it and hope it still tastes good tomorrow.

So BabyK is officially 2 today. My, how time flies. I guess he is now a toddler? The clothes go from sizing in months to actual sizes, so I'd say it's as good of a guess as any. Oh, and his feet finally grew and he outgrew some of his cutest shoes ever. =( I'm glad my feet don't grow like that anymore, since I absolutely LOVE shoes. That would get expensive!

Well, the end of another day. Good night everyone.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday BabyK!

Well, BabyK is two now! I can't believe it. It is so crazy how fast time goes, and I can't imagine my life without him.

We had his party outside at a local park. When I got there early to set up I unloaded the stuff, walked back to the car and it started to pour down rain. =( However, when the party started 45 minutes later it the sun came out and it was cool because of the recent rain and really nice out! What perfect timing! The lake was right there to swim in and the water was nice and warm. Plus we had the wonderful company of our great friends. It was a jolly good time.

Cute things BabyK did this week:

1. We were playing with his leggos and building a car. He goes "need car seat!" and builds a spot for the leggo guy to sit in. How cute!

2. He can count to at least four now. And actually count and not recite numbers randomly. He counted the water bottles as I was trying to get them ready for his party.

3. His new phrase when he says please: "Pretty please. With sugar top. And cherry." It is soooo cute!

BabyK in his birthday hat. It comes with numbers up to 5, so expect to see this for at least the next three birthdays.

My ice cream cone cupcakes. These worked out GREAT because they aren't as much of a mess, you don't need plates or need to remember a serving knife. Plus it cost me all of $5 including making the holder thing. I also made potato salad for the first time, and it seemed to turn out well. Made some other stuff too. I enjoyed getting ready for it, but both BabyK and I are pooped from this weekend! Bed time!

Bento No. 17

Well, I had lots of yummy leftovers from BabyK's birthday party, so it made a lovely lunch for tomorrow!

Tortilla Chips

Level 1:
carrots, celery, red grapes wrapped in a cream cheese and gorgonzola cheese blend with toasted walnuts on the outside.

Level 2:
3 Bean salad
Homemade potato salad
pineapple salsa

Large side:
Pasta salad

Monday, June 23, 2008


So I signed on to AIM today, which I hardly ever do. My ex was on there. My ex who cheated on me behind my back and denies it to this day. My ex who broke up with me on valentine's day right after I told him my grandfather was in the hospital dying. I wanted to tell him how disappointed I was with him, and how much his lies hurt me. I wanted to tell him how he had left me alone during a really hard time in my life, loosing my grandpa. I wanted to tell him I hated him for what he had done and that he had been a waste of my time. I wanted to tell him how he had scarred me and made it so hard to trust people. But I didn't.

But what did I do? I said hello. I was cordial. Asking niceties and being polite. Ugh!

What is wrong with me? Seriously, why am I so nice to people who have screwed me over so bad? Why can't I get the guts to tell people how I really feel? Grrr grrr grrrr!!!

Okay and now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

You go ball girl!

I'm sorry, but this was just freaking awesome! I don't know if it is real or not, but don't we all wish it was?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why I love Publix

A good shopping trip.. I had a couple of printable coupons and the lady kind of freaked out. She had to get it "approved." Geesh, it was only two out of about 20 coupons! BabyK slept through almost the whole time. He woke up in time to get a free balloon from the floral department. He loved that!

Total before coupons and discounts: $85.39
Total after coupons and discounts: $28.05
Total savings: $57.34/67% savings!!

Tomorrow I try my hand at CVS again. I'm hoping to get as much as I can for BabyK's birthday party for as little as possible there. We shall see how it goes...oh, and tonight I made a ice cream cone holder for his birthday cake thing out of a cardboard box. I'm going to try and do the cake in cones approach and made a holder in the shape of a cake (sorta) to put them in so they don't fall over, they can look more like a cake, and it is just prettier. The holder is made, but still needs to be decorated. That's tomorrow's project! Yeah, because I have nothing else to do...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bento No. 16

From left to right:
1st tier: animal crackers, laughing cow cheese wedge, ritz crackers, twix bites
second: homemade mashed potatoes and corn
top: pringles crackers and shark shaped fruit snacks

Man, hopefully this one will fill me up. I get SO hungry on days I ride my bike. I'd pack more, but the more you pack the more you have to carry...

So, today I rode my bike to a meeting and when I came out this guy was looking at it. He wanted to know all about my electric bike and even told me it was "cool." Wow, I'm cool! Finally! haha.

My big huge desk is gone. Someone came to pick it up yesterday. While it was very nice, I am enjoying the extra room in my room.

Um...that's about it. I am uber tired.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The drug store game

Well, I finally finished painting my room! It looks great in all of its green glory. And all of it done with my super duper 2 inch brush that has painted these walls, a rocking horse, a table, two dressers and a book shelf. I think I've gotten my $2.99 out of it.

Other happenings...still getting the hang of the drug store game. I never get the super duper coupons that everyone talks about, but got 7 boxes of cereal for $3 and a pack of diapers for $2. Still trying to figure out how to get it to "I got $300 worth of stuff for 59 cents!" price range. Oh, and tonight at the grocery store the Bertoli dinners were on sale, plus I had $2.50 off coupons, brining it down to like $2/bag. I'll have that! I love that they are yummy and so easy to make. And anyone who knows me knows if it takes longer than five minutes to make it, I probably won't. We eat a lot of spaghetti.

BabyK's birthday party is coming up fast. I can't believe he'll be two already! Such a big big boy! We're having his party at a local park, so I have to figure out a menu that is easy, yummy and will hold up to the heat. I was thinking fruit, chips, drinks, pasta salad. I'll probably get a plastic bin to put ice in and set stuff like the past salad in it so it stays somewhat cold. Any suggestions from people out there in internet land? Instead of a cake I'm going to make ice cream cone cupcakes. Well, at least that's the plan. I'm making them a day ahead of time so if it doesn't work out I can just run to the store and buy a pre-made cake.

So anyways, send me those yummy summertime recipes!

Dear PT Cruiser

Dear Mr. PT Cruiser guy,

First off, I want to say how pretty your stupid car is. So pretty you don't need to get me to notice it by running me off the road. I am someone who can appreciate the beautiful things in life so your attempt to run me off the road because I dare to ride a bicycle (which is very pretty also in all its pink, electric motor glory!) was truly horrendous, and you should be ashamed of yourself. I know, I know, you think I take up way too much room, and how dare anyone think that the road was meant for anything other than your stupid car. Well, to that I say poo on you!

To everyone else on the road, get off your darn cell phone and pay attention.

That is all.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hum de dum

Almost rode my bike to work today. Decided against it and good thing. It rained and thundered and would have been an icky mess to drive in.

Room is still half green. Someday I'll finish painting it.

Not much to blog about. I am excited though, I have made $1.06 to date from my blog! I'd like to take a moment to thank you everyone who comes and visits my page! Send it to all your friends who enjoy babbling and bento lunches. Now, only $23.94 until I get my first check...I'm rich! I'm rich!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bento No 14 and Bento No 15

Falling behind on my bento posting! Yikes!

Okay, this one was from a while ago. I wasn't sure what the heck I was hungry for, so it is quite a hodge podge. Oh, and I was super hungry and it was gone by 10 am, so I ended up having to get something out of the vending machine anyways...

Top: Batman fruit snacks, cherries, olives, sweet pickles (underneath olives) and some generic oreos.
Bottom: Pringles stix and an egg salad sandwich.

This is my moroccan nights bento for tomorrow. I hope it is enough. I've been REALLY hungry lately with all the biking and running I've been doing.

Left side dish: pita bread.
Top: Roasted red pepper hummus, red grapes, cheese stars.
Bottom: Couscous with peas and a bit of cinnamon.
Top: generic oreos again.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grand Ideas for five minutes

This weekend I had a flurry of energy so I put myself to work! Did I mow the grass? No. Did I put away the folded laundry that has been sitting in a laundry basket for a week now? No. See, those would all be sensible things. Instead at 9 on Saturday night I decided I would repaint my bedroom. Why you may ask? Well, to match the blanket I have been knitting for oh, six months now. I just decided I needed a change and I needed it NOW. Doesn't that make perfect sense?

So, at 9 I headed to Wal-mart where a very lovely Wal-mart employee helped me mix my paint. I went for "Dainty Green" with an accent wall of "blossom green." I so want to be the person who gets to name colors. I'd be good at it. Oh, and did I mention that I didn't want to waste money on a roller, so I have been painting huge walls with a 2 inch brush? A quick job, to be sure.

I also cleaned. I decided to finally wash the drapes by the dining room table that BabyK is always throwing his food on. I even used stain remover! Ambitious, I know. So, I washed them, dried them and hung them back up. They are now about six inches shorter. Apparently you should always check the tag to see if it states "dry clean only" before washing them. Hey, at least they are all clean now!

Well, the room is half painted at the moment and my desire for change has dropped to zero. Perhaps my batteries will recharge. In the meantime I shall enjoy my half green/half khaki walls and miniature drapes.

Now, back to Masterpiece Theatre. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice. This series is the entire reason I got started on a Colin Firth obsession.

Friday, June 6, 2008

My arm has been cut off.

So BabyK isn't here this weekend. I am so used to putting him to bed, getting him up, making us dinner, the whole routine. I just don't know what to do with myself when he's not here! When he is here I make this long list of things that I want to do, but then when I can do these things my mind goes blank. Weird. It's like my arm has been cut off without him here. Oh, how I miss my baby so! (Although I think I shall enjoy sleeping in tomorrow morning...)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Because I have nothing else to do...

Yes, this marketing ploy sucked me in! But isn't it fun?

And how about the raises all the Simpson people got? Yipee for them.

Simpson Em, aka "Mommy"

Simpson Baby K and Riley (dog). Funny, Riley really does look like Santa's Little Helper.

How this mommy got her groove back

Okay, well, musical groove.

Tonight I got out my french horn, which I have not played in probably two or three months, and I played and BabyK danced. It was lovely! He danced all around, shook his maracas, I gave him an extra mouthpiece to "play" on and he had a grand time look in the bell. It was great. I felt artistic again, which I haven't felt in a long time. It makes you feel more alive. I think we may have to do this more often. I also feel like painting. Problem? No paints. I suppose I could draw with BabyK's crayons...

Oh, and my eye is all messed up again. Icky poo! That's why I got my horn out. You don't have to be able to see in order to play a musical instrument. So, I guess the eye is a good thing?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Um yeah...

So just when I don't think BabyK can dream up anything else to make me grow a few more gray hairs, he finds a new cruel and unusual punishment. Today's episode? Well, let me tell you. HE LOCKED ME OUT OF THE HOUSE. Yes, my almost 2 year old decided while we were playing outside he would run inside and lock the deadbolt and then pretend he couldn't figure out how to unlock it. Thankfully I was able to get back in, but oh my, was I an unhappy camper.

I seriously need to start a book.

Working on the whole CVSing...

Okay, so I had a good day today at CVS. I got the following:

Transaction 1:

(2) Chex mix @ 1.00 each with 2 $1 off coupons= 0.00
(2) Dawn liquid soap @ $2.00 - $1.00 ECB, .25 coupon = .75
(2) Huggies hair and body wash $3.49 each with $2 ECB/each with $3.00 off 2 = Made .02
(1) CVS baby wipe - coupon for free one = 0.00

Total spent: .73

Transaction 2:

(1) Secret flawless deodorant @ $3.99 - $1.00 coupon = $2.99
(2) Brut deodorant @ $3.39 - $3 ECB each - $1.00 coupon each = Made .61
(1) Listerine Smart Rinse - $3.49 - $3.49 ECB = 0.00

Total spent: $2.38

Transaction 3:

(2) Pampers easy ups - $7.99 each with $2 coupon each = $11.98
(1) Pampers Cruisers - $7.99 each with $1.50 coupn = $6.49

Total spent: $18.47 (with $5 ECB for future spending.)

Soooo, I got almost $70 worth of stuff for less than $20 with $5 ECB for future use.

Yeah...I know people can get it way less than that, but I'm still new at this. Still cheaper than I would have paid normally, but I want to do the "I got $300 worth of stuff for 49 cents!" And how do people get the $3/15 coupons? I NEVER get those in my email or at the register!

Good news is that I needed everything on there except the mens' deodorant, but those are going in some care packages I am sending to kids from my home town who are overseas.

So, that's what it's like...

Got my bike back. Yipee! Bad news? Took it out for a ride today and didn't think to check the battery before we left. Yep, that's right, it sooooo went dead halfway through and we had to regular bike the whole way back. I know, I know, I should just get a regular bike, but have you biked up a big hill lately?

As I was coming home I had to walk up the last hill (because I live at the top of it) and my super nice neighbor said "you should put a motor on that thing. You'll zip right up."


Tonight we went to the summer concert series downtown. It was lovely, but BabyK was in rare form. He just would not sit still. I am sure I looked quite silly running after him. Eventually I had to call it quits and head home. Being a single mommy can be quite tiring!!!

Guess what tomorrow is? That's right, it's Sunday! Coupon day!