Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

So yesterday after work I picked up BabyK and he was demanding a glass of milk, and he wanted it NOW! Well, we ran out of milk that morning so it was a trip to the grocery store.

When we arrived we were walking in and BabyK already seemed to know what was coming. He started pulling back, grabbing onto the asphalt and screaming, "no mommy! No go in the cart!"


However, it was just about that time he spied something new. A curious thing it was...a shopping cart that looked like a car! Of course he demanded he sit in it. Silly me though caving in would make the trip easier. Silly me.

First of all, those car grocery carts are huge! They are like twice the length of a regular cart and I had to push all of my weight against it to move. The one we picked out had a lovely screeching sound every single time it moved. And agility? Hahahah. I think I knocked more stuff off of the shelves than BabyK did. I was almost as frustrated as my kid by the end trying to move it, yet still stay out of the way and not run people over. I think next time we'll stick with the regular cart. Oh, but shopping was great yesterday! I saved a ton on groceries with coupons and sales.

Tonight we went a little more fun since it is my birthday week! Yes, I celebrate it all week...or at least that is my excuse. We rode the bike over to McDonalds to get an ice cream cone. (Love those makers of the ibert kid seat!)I knew BabyK would love eating his cone all by himself like a big boy so we were sure to sit outside. Ice cream was everywhere, but it was so cute! All the excitement must have worn him out because he went right to bed tonight. I just wish I would have brought my camera.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spi-man Shoes!

It truly amazes me how little kids have such a high threshold for pain. I get a paper cut and I whine and want the whole world to throw a pitty party for me. BabyK is constantly hitting his head, falling down, bumping into things. He just dusts off and keeps on playing. So, needless to say I was a bit worried when yesterday I noticed his hand was all red and had tiny blisters all over it. My first thought was he somehow had boiling water spilled on him, but then I realized, he wasn't around any boiling water. I asked the teacher and it turns out he has taken to shoving his hand in fire ant hills. He LAUGHS when they crawl all over him and bite him. Kids are so weird.

We took another trip to Wal-Mart tonight. WM is one of those stores I HATE because they are everywhere, yet I LOVE that they are everywhere. At some point I have to go there, and with the poopy economy right now, gotta save every penny you can. That said, I prefer to shop at local stores when I can. I got BabyK a new pair of slippers since he outgrew his Thomas the Tank Engine ones. He got Spiderman Slippers. Oh, how cool are we. He demanded to put them on immediately and has been wearing them since. We took a walk around the neighborhood and he proudly told every person, fence post and dog we passed that he had 'spi-man shoes!'

Now see, I make fun of these shoes, but I remember back in the day how awesome a cool pair of shoes were...what am I saying, I still loves shoes! However, when I was somewhere around the age of five I got these purple sneakers that had white laces and happy bear from the Care-Bears on the side. The orangish rubber soles were the kind that went up the back and front just a bit to lessen scuffing. Man, I LOVED those shoes! Back then and to this day I have this recurring dream about when I went to the shoe store as a kid and got those shoes. Of course in the dream my sister is eaten by a lion, but hey, that's another story...

Monday, September 22, 2008

I love CVS

There are some great deals this week, even without being able to find the Loreal cream.

The Ponds towelettes are a sweet deal!!!!

They are 2/$10, get $3 ECB back
So, after ECB, $7.00
I had two coupons for $1.50 off one for a total of $3 off.

So, $4.00, but the best part?

They have little things stuck to them where you get a free movie ticket to any universal pictures movie. It's promoting Mama Mia! (FABULOUS movie by the way) but it works for any universal movie. I think I am going to use mine to see the Changeling with Angelina Jolie.

So, for $4.00 I got two packages of towelettes and two movie tickets! Yipee! This on top of some other great deals this week made it a super duper CVS day today!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Winners of the baby coupon giveaway!

First of all, sorry for the late post! I'm starting a new job tomorrow and life has been just a whee bit hectic preparing for a new chapter in life.

Wow, it was really one or the other on the whole diaper debate! Me, I was a pampers person for newborn to size 5, but now that we're bigger, huggies seems to work better for us. However, we are a big fan of luvs also! Since they got the bear hug tabs, they are fabulous!

Remember, to find out the week's best diaper and formula deals and reviews on different brands, check out Baby Cheapskate!

Congratulations to:

Vanessa said...
"I really like Luvs. If I don't have Luvs though, I have Huggies. Pampers I am not to fond of unless I get a good deal."

Jennifer said...
"I like pampers. They are cheaper than Huggies and do a great job keeping everything in. I have never had a problem with them."

Email me your addresses at ms.tallahassee (at) (gmail) (dot) (com) by Friday morning so I can get this in the mail to you!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Winner of the great coupon giveaway!

The random integer is...9, aka Megan!

Congrats to Megan who said:

"I could always use more coupons!"

Megan, email me at ms.tallahassee (at) (g ma i l) (dot) (com) by 9 am Tuesday with your mailing address so we can get these to you!

Thanks to everyone who entered. Don't forget to enter the babycoupon giveaway from Friday for a chance to receive diaper and baby coupons and samples.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Win it Friday!

Yes, it's time for another giveaway!

What can I win? This week's giveaway are diaper coupons and baby product samples. I have papmpers and huggies to choose from. To enter leave a comment with your favorite brand of diapers and why. Winners will be chosen at random on Tuesday. Check back to see if you've won!


Jeepers Creepers Look at those peepers

It has been another fun filled week in the Lolliland household. Earlier in the week we were sent home with a stern talking at daycare. BabyK and his friend V got pinkeye! Whoever said pinkeye was super contagious was correct. I got it too! Have you ever tried to put eye drops in a 2 year old's eye? Yeah, I'm no good at it either. I think I got more on his face than actually in his eye. Then we got better and life went on. Then BabyK got some sort of infection thing that landed us at the after hours doctor place because it was too late to go to the doctor. Hooray!

So, we go to the doctor, get our rx and my gas tank says low fuel. Normally this wouldn't be a problem except everyone seems to think the world is caving in when a hurricane goes by that they emptied out every single gas station in the area. So, my big idea is to go home and ride my bike to the store. When we get there I look around and no pharmacy. Doh! So, back on the bike, ride back home with BabyK. By the time we arrive back home it is dark out, so we get back in the car and head to another grocery store. By this point BabyK is both tired and his ear hurts and it took a half hour for our medicine. It was a very long day. Oh, and I found gas the next day. I figured if I ran out I would just call AAA and have them bring me a couple of free gallons.

Today was coupon day! Not only did I get my weekly coupons in the paper, but I also went to the mall to get some new work clothing and Ann Taylor Loft was giving away free samples and coupons of Tide and Downy with your purchase to magnify the fact that 80% of their fall line is machine washable. Gotta love that!

Don't forget, it's not too late to enter my baby coupon giveaway! Enter by 5 pm Monday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Horoscope analysis at 1 am

I love trying to make horoscopes fit me! Well, as long as they are good ones. Sure, I'll meet a special someone today! Sure, I'll have a great day at work! However, this one sucked because it was true!

"Even you have your limits, and today you will have to remind someone of that fact.
Your home life leaves something to be desired today, but you need to address any issues as soon as they arise -- no matter how tired you are. Once things are back in balance, you'll be in a great mood!"

Limits reached? Check.
Issue addressed? Check.
Tired? Check.

How does it apply? I just got a stupid phone call at 12:30 am!!!!! It woke me up, had no point to it. I could semi blow it off if they were at least drunk, but alas, not the case this time. I'd turn my phone off at night, but it also serves as my alarm clock!

Back to counting sheep and being in that great mood I'm supposed to be in!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coupon Giveaway!

So, everyone knows my love of coupons. For this reason everyone I know gives/mails/sends me their coupons. Normally I love this, but For some reason the past two weeks I have been passed an absurd amount of coupons from friends and family. So, passing them on to one of my very awesome blog readers. Simply leave a comment and I will randomly select a winner this weekend.

Happy coupons!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

fleece pants + coffee + coupons = love

I look forward to each Sunday. I wake up in the morning in my Christmas themed Old Navy Fleece pants (no, it does not matter if it is 90 degrees outside. This is my weekly uniform) and go outside to retrieve the wonderful thing called the Sunday paper. Within its sheets it holds ad after ad and, if I'm lucky, as least a couple of coupon inserts. P&G, Red Plum, Super Saver; they all get the frugal shopper in me excited! I come back inside and start my pot of coffee. While my drink of choice is brewing I scan the paper, setting aside inserts I want to read. When my coffee is done I make a nice big cup and sit on the floor and sip, cut coupon. Sit, cut coupon. Until all the coupons are done. I cut each on exactly around the edge. No ripping or haphazard cutting here! Something about a perfectly cut coupon looking pretty sitting in my pink coupon organizer makes me happy. Depending upon how much time I have and how cooperative BabyK is, I either go through the old coupons right then to organize, or wait until the next day when I have more time. Sometimes BabyK gets in on the action, helping me sort coupons. At the age of 2, "coupon" has been in his vocabulary for quite some time now. Following this I then make my plan of action. Sometimes, if I am lucky, my friends and family send me their coupons. I love coupon day!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do as I say, not as I do.

Yesterday I was showing my assistant how to change the toner holder thing. I carefully explained how it was the dust that falls off, and you have to be very careful not to spill. I then turn to put it in the trash (not recyclable)and proceed to spill it all over me. Not just a little, but the WHOLE THING. All over my pretty pink shirt. All over my brand new Ann Taylor wool pants that are dry clean only. All over the carpet. All in my cup of coffee. Yes, the coffee was the most tragic part.

Life is SUPER busy right now. Lots of life changes keeping me on my toes. Mostly in a good way. Looking forward to the weekend though!

And BabyK? He's as super cute as ever. When I picked him up at daycare the head lady commented on how happy he always was. Yes, that's my BabyK. He also has decided that his Brutus the Buckeye is his new best friend. He puts him in the stroller to take him for walks. He sits him at the table for dinner. He HAS to get his diaper changed when BabyK gets his diaper changed. So cute! And so grown up! Where did my baby go?

My horoscope for today?

"It may be time for an inventory -- even at home, where you may think you've got it all under control. That may or may not be the case and you may need to let go of some stuff you never use."

Yeah. that fits. Who wants to volunteer to help me?