Monday, February 9, 2009

CVS, you don't love me anymore

Well, I have been REALLY bad at posting, but know why? I have not been able to get my CVS deals! The store near me is stocking less and less of the deals and apparently a lot more people are getting into the game. How rude!

So, here is this week's deal. No ECB back, but cheaper than any other places.

2 packages Pampers Easy-Ups @ 9.99/package
-$1.50/1 package
-$2.00/1 package
1 Dawn Ultra @ .99
1 Madagascar 2 DVD @ $19.99
-$15 instant savings when you buy $20 worth of products listed

-$6.00 ECB

$17.96 OOP

Not great, but a cheap movie for BabyK and some fun diapers. Wheee!

So, BabyK started a new school today. He was very excited to carry his new big boy lunch box. I like that I have more control over what he eats, plus I get to try out my bento skills! What do you think?

PB&J sandwich in the shape of a truck (used a pancake mold)
Chocolate chip muffin (used mini loaf pan)
Clementine oranges
Orange juice (not shown)

Veggie dog octupus
banana half
Apple juice (not shown)